Spire Ultra


Some 10 years ago I walked the then recently opened Round Chesterfield Walk. I was thrilled by the quality of the route with its fine views and sheer variety. Several years later I started running the route and realised it would make a fine ultra trail race. Amendments have been made to the route to take into account road safety considerations (it doesn’t make much use of asphalt, 95% of the route is on footpath, bridleways or trails, but it does cross 4 busy main roads).

The Crooked Spire – whilst we don’t actually venture anywhere near the church it does make for an interesting point of reference, being visible from many sections of the route.

Back for the 2019 event, we bring you the Spire Ultra Relay option. The chance for teams of three to enjoy the course without having to commit to the full distance. More details on the “info for runners” document.



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